Air Evac Service

Men carrying a person on a stretcher into a helicopter.Southern Indiana Power has partnered with Air Evac Lifeteam to offer members the opportunity to join AirMedCare Network’s Membership Program at a special discounted rate, conveniently added to your Southern Indiana Power bill. Only $5 per month for your entire household!

As your local air ambulance serving area residents from our surrounding bases, Air Evac Lifeteam understands the critical aspect of time in treating medical emergencies. For those of us living in rural America, our recovery can depend on how much time it takes to be transported to emergency medical treatment. Air Evac Lifeteam can cut that transportation time in half.

Helicopter flying.Air Evac Lifeteam provides fast, courteous, emergency medical service. The professionally trained crews of nurses, medics, and pilots operate medically equipped helicopters that rapidly transport patients who have suffered a critical illness or injury.

If you would like to enroll in this service, print out the AirMedCare2023 pdf form, complete it, and send it with your next Southern Indiana Power payment or drop it off at our office. Another option is to fill out the online form below.

For additional information, contact Local Membership Sales Manager Annie Hynes by calling 270-617-4317 or visit the Air Evac Lifeteam website.